Finding and interacting with elements

Appium supports a subset of the WebDriver locator strategies such as:

You can see a list of them in Selector Strategies

Appium additionally supports some of the Mobile JSON Wire Protocol locator strategies

Finally, Appium supports several additional experimental locator strategies:


There's a known issue with table cell elements becoming invalidated before there's time to interact with them. We're working on a fix

Using Appium Desktop To Locate Elements

Appium provides you with a neat tool that allows you to find the the elements you're looking for. With Appium Desktop you can find any element and its locators by either clicking the element on the screenshot image, or locating it in the source tree.


Appium Desktop has a simple layout, complete with a source tree, a screenshot, and record and refresh buttons, and interaction tools.


After launching Appium Desktop and starting a session, you can locate any element in the source. In this test, I'm looking for the accessibility id of the "Compute Sum" button.

To find the accessibility id of this button, I click the "Compute Sum" button in the screenshot. The element is then highlighted in the source tree. In the panel on the right, I can see the accessibility id.


A REPL is a simple interactive language shell. You can invoke various command interactively. It will help you to make sure your scenarios interactively with Appium server.