The --default-capabilities flag

Appium 1.5 does away with most CLI flags that existed previously; the remainder can be converted into JSON and made part of the --default-capabilities flag. For example:

# raw JSON as an argument
--default-capabilities '{"app": "", "deviceName": "iPhone Simulator"}'
# or the name of a JSON file
--default-capabilities /path/to/file.json

Windows users will need to escape the quotes in JSON passed on the command line: --default-capabilities "{\"app\": \"\"}"

Flag JSON key
--keep-artifacts keepArtifacts
--platform-name platformName
--platform-version platformVersion
--automation-name automationName
--device-name deviceName
--browser-name browserName
--app app
--launch-timeout launchTimeout
--language language
--locale locale
--udid udid
--orientation orientation
--no-reset noReset
--full-reset fullReset
--app-pkg appPackage
--app-activity appActivity
--app-wait-package appWaitPackage
--app-wait-activity appWaitActivity
--device-ready-timeout deviceReadyTimeout
--android-coverage androidCoverage
--avd avd
--avd-args avdArgs
--use-keystore useKeystore
--keystore-path keystorePath
--keystore-password keystorePassword
--key-alias keyAlias
--key-password keyPassword
--intent-action intentAction
--intent-category intentCategory
--intent-flags intentFlags
--intent-args optionalIntentArguments
--dont-stop-app-on-reset dontStopAppOnReset
--calendar-format calendarFormat
--native-instruments-lib nativeInstrumentsLib
--keep-keychains keepKeyChains
--localizable-strings-dir localizableStringsDir
--show-ios-log showIOSLog
--reboot reboot