How to write docs

## is used to write a h2 header. Each document must start with a h2 header. This is to support docs generation. Don't use the --- underline method of creating headers. Don't use h1 # or === for heading as it is not supported for table of contents (folder name is used as h1).


### is used to write subheaders.

Regular headers

#### is used for headers that don't appear in the table of contents. Don't use h5 #####, or h6 ######.

Line breaks

Don't use line breaks such as -- or ---.


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Link to another document

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Writing Commands Documents

The command documents located in docs/en/commands, are generated docs and aren't meant to be edited directly. The command documentation is defined in commands-yml/commands.

Generating Commands Documents

To generate the commands docs, run npm run generate-docs. This will generate the markdown files in docs/en/commands and then they need to be committed and pushed.

Adding Documents to

Markdown files in docs/ aren't automatically added to the site. To add a document to you need to add it as an entry in the appropriate location in the table of contents, toc.js


To publish documentation on see (Github).