The Mac Driver for OS X

Appium has beta support for automation of OS X desktop applications. Development of this driver happens at the appium-mac-driver, and relies on a native OS X binary called AppiumForMac.

Requirements and Support

(In addition to Appium's general requirements)


The way to start a session using the Mac driver is to include the platformName capability in your new session request, with the value Mac. Also, ensure that you set the deviceName capability to Mac as well. Of course, you must also include appropriate platformVersion and app capabilities, at a minimum.

Getting AppiumForMac

Currently, this driver does not ship with the AppiumForMac binary, which means, in order to automate Mac apps you must manually install the AppiumForMac application and grant it the appropriate OS X Accessibility permissions.

To Install Appium for Mac: 1. Download a release and unzip the application into your /Applications folder 2. Follow the brief supplemental installation instructions to enable Appium to have access to OS X's Accessibility APIs

(For more information on using AppiumForMac, check out the docs)